The Vampire Optical Coatings’ multi-layer (4 ply)) lens protectors for our North 7600 respirators work very well, they are easy to apply and easy to tear off, our painters like the fact that when you are painting and the lens gets cloudy, you can just peel the dirty layer off and keep on painting. Before you would have to stop and replace the each lens with a clean one. A great time saver! And I like that they are economical.  Great product!

Transit Authority of the River City (TARC)

The tech tells me that the multi-layer lens covers (fits 550F23) for our Martech 77175 full face hood work perfectly. Very easy to use and speeds up the process significantly.

TARC body shop supervisor April 2017

You folks like when I share stuff, so here is a freebie for you guys and girls who spend a lot of time media blasting. I just discovered this new film product from Vampire Optical Coatings. It is a bonded, four layer film and has been saving us a ton of time on film changes. Usually we remove our window, peel the old film off, clean the window, put the new film on, and then reinstall the window. Now when the film gets too cloudy we just peel the damaged layer off and keep working! Film changes have gone from minutes to seconds and to top it off, this material lasts longer than a standard Mylar film. Hope this is useful to a few of you out there. Well, I need to get back to work. Have a great day!

Survive! Knives LLC (https://www.instagram.com/p/BUM2cQaDPo7/?taken-by=surviveknives&hl=en) May 2017

These respirator lens protectors are fantastic. Our main painter is ready to make the switch immediately, but I told him we have to at least make an attempt use our remaining stock of the old ones. I have been quite pleased with the lighting lens protectors, too.  The respirator hood lens protectors stay in place without any peel-up or curling at all until they are manually peeled away. The next sheet is nice and clean. Visibility seems to be excellent.

The multi-layer lens cover for Allegro 9910 respirator is very usable now. It definitely beats not having the multi-layer tear-offs. We are, also, able to prolong the life of our hoods because changing the Allegro lens protectors creates a buildup of adhesive and grime. After a few changes the old adhesive and grime creates a poor surface for the new protector to stick.  All has been going well. I know we would not want to go back to the old products from Allegro.  If you ever see that this item may not work out to be economically feasible to produce, please let me know ... I will probably want to stock up some.


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