F125M Coating


F125M UV Curable Coating

Scratch and Abrasion Resistant Coating for molded plastics


  • Low surface energy surface
  • Low Haze
  • Chemical and Solvent Resistant
  • Abrasion and Scratch Resistant Surface
  • Excellent adhesion to PMMA, polycarbonate and treated PET film


  • Reduces damage to surface of molded plastic surfaces
  • Protects optical quality
  • Easily cleaned surface
  • Environmentally durable


F125M UV Cure coating is designed to provide protection to the surface of softer optical plastic surfaces in abusive or harsh environments and to reduce the probability events which would permanently mar the surface of the optical part. This coating is suitable for PMMA and polycarbonate. F125M is coated by flow, spray, dip, spin coating as well via gravure coating techniques. Users should assure the product meets the specific needs of their application(s).


Packaging:               1 liter brown HDPE bottles
Solids:                      100 % active as shipped

PHSYSICAL & ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES (F125M coated polycarbonate)

Abrasion Resistance                         Resists Scratches (#0000 steel wool)
Pencil Hardness                                >F-HB (on polycarbonate) (ASTM D3363)
Adhesion                                          5B
Surface Resistivity                            Not Applicable
Chemical Resistance

  • Alcohols
  • Ketones
  • Most Acids & Bases

Cure Energy                                      <1.0 J/cm2

Surface Energy                                < 26 dynes/cm (uncoated PC >/= 38 dynes/cm)
Static water contact angle               85 to 90 degrees (uncoated PC ~ 55 to 60 degrees)
Advancing water contact angle        100 to 105 degrees (uncoated PC ~ 70 to 75 degrees)

Sharpie® Marker                               Marker ink balls up on coating’s surface


                     F125M UV cure coating                        Test Methods

Refractive Index                                        ~1.5 HC Layer
Visible Light Transmission                     >90%                                                   ASTM D1003
Haze                                                             <1.50%                                                ASTM D1003

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