Protectuff™ ML44 Anti-Graffiti Film


Surface Protection Film – Multi-layer Scratch and Abrasion Resistant Film


ProtecTuff™ ML44 film is designed to provide protection to display windows, store windows, subway and other public transportation glazings, bus shelters and restroom mirrors. The multi-layer design allows for easy and fast renewal of a damaged surface. This product is designed for flat, non-porous substrates that are clean, free of dirt or debris.


  • Multi-layers (4 layers) of scratch, abrasion and chemical resistant film with high clarity adhesive backing
  • Multi-layer construction allows a single installation with multiple surface renewals
  • Thick 100 micron (4-mil) PET film reduces chances that damage from top layer will damage lower films
  • Each layer has a highly scratch and chemical resistant layer precision coated onto its surface to extend the life of the product
  • High clarity construction does not interfere with view through windows or underlying displays
  • Easy removal of damaged layers to expose fresh ‘renewed’ surface.
  • Meets Federal Rail Authority Requirements (ASTM E162, ASTM E662, SMP 800-C, CMVSS302/FMVSS302)




PET Gauges available: 100 micron standard PET thickness. Custom PET thickness available
Product format: Sheeted film or rolls

ProtecTuff™ML44 Anti-Graffiti Film at Vampire

Made in the USA

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