High Performance AR Face Shield Material


Anti-Reflection Film BVAR75HP

High Performance AR-2 sided face shield material 


VOCI BVAR75HP is a high performance anti-reflection film designed to reduce glare from clear plastic face shields. The high performance Anti-Reflective coating reduces glare from LED lights and other high light environments while increasing the light transmission to nearly 100%. BVAR75HP is supplied as a 2-side coated material to provide the highest possible reduction in glare. Users should ensure the product meets the specific needs of their application(s).


  • Lowers Surface reflection of less than 1.00% total
  • Increased light transmission from 90% to greater than 99% light transmission
  • Thick 188 micron PET construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost Effective

Vampire Coatings and BVAR75HP Anti-Reflective Film Properties (PET)

BVAR75HP 2-sided Specular Reflectance at Vampire Coatings


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