S837 Dual Layer Anti-Reflection Film


Multi-layer Peel Away Anti-Reflection Film


S837 dual layer peel away anti-reflection film is designed to reduce reflections of face shields but allow for easy removal of a dirty or damaged surface; such that, the user’s view is not obscured by reflections, dirt, debris or scratches. Users should ensure the product meets the specific needs of their application(s).


  • Low Visible reflectance
  • Thick construction allows face shields to hold their shape
  • High tech easily removable distortion free optical adhesive, leaves no residue on underlying layer of face shield.
  • Outer removable layer is Anti-Reflection Coated film with a total thickness of 50 microns

Protectuff™ S837 Dual Layer


Gauges available: total thickness of 225 microns for rigid face shield products
Protective masking available per request

Made in the USA

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