Blue Light Blocking Films


ProtecTuff™ UV Block Multi-Layer film
UV and blue light blocking Multi-layer Peel Away Film


Protectuff MLF films with UV blocking are designed for medical visors, helmets and other uses wherein dirt, debris, scratches or contamination of the viewing surface results in serious issues and requires prompt, easy and rapid removal to restore visual acuity . Ultra-violet light blocking functionality protects users from stray ultra-violet radiation and its damaging effects. Users should ensure the product meets the specific needs of their application(s).


  • Multiple layers for fast easy removal of damaged layers or surface contamination
  • Thick construction allows face shields to hold their shape
  • High tech easily removable layers leave no residue on underlying layer of face shield.
    • Constructions with up to 4 layers of 100 micron HC PET are available
  • No air gaps in construction results in high visible light transmission
  • Available with UV light filtering design inherent in construction
  • Patent Pending Technology

ProtecTuff™ UV Block Multi-Layer film at Vampire Optical Coatings


Gauges available: total thickness of 155 microns for rigid face shield products
Protective masking available per request

Made in the USA

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